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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday meandering

I spent most of the day yesterday in the yard getting things done. I repaired the bike trailer and snacked on a few sprigs of collard and chives from the garden. In my walk over to Safie I picked up a 2 pound tub of trail mix from the dumpie as well as a few pieces of fruit. I shared the trail mix with the kids ans the fruit went to the birds Good stuff.
I have two window boxes with lettuces coming up as well as the radishes poking thru and standing tall/ Unfortunately the freeze on Friday night looks like it took a toll on the tater plants. We will see if they recover.
Anyhow I was reading on the blogs about animal smells in the house and the census workers invading our privacy. First off animals smell. Dogs cats parrots iguanas all have a smell. You accept that when you adopt them. Benadryl works forthe allergies as do extremem exposure.
For years growing up I was allergic to cats. Having Benadryl helped but it wasn't until I built up immunity to it that the cat allergy went away. Thank goodness as we have several, mostly strays and adopted at the stead.
As for the census worker who paid a visit while I was napping he didnt come back.. No loss as I was going to have fun with him//

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