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Thursday, July 2, 2009

WTF-- Free America is going away

the Oabamanation is coming and we are letting it.
Another cigarette tax went into effect yesterday taking Trash's cigarettes to $4.80 a pack. Yet Gas is still arouns $2.40 a gallon. Milk is at $1.58 a gallon.. Almost 2 cheap for the producers to even shake the cows udders. Prices on necessitiy items are going down while the stuff people really want to eat is going up.
Rather an interesting paradox.
Then yesterday afternoon while relaxing in the shade the phone rang. I got a call from BlockBuster Video that my son was there and he wanted to buy a PS2 game.. Thats cool since yesterday was his allowance day. Unfortunatlely the stor couldnt sell it to him because it was rated T.. NOt R, not X not nc-17 but T..Thew game in question was Star Wars-- Revenge of the Sith.. Hell he has the movies (the whole 6-ology which we have enjoyed many times and he is now collecting the games for his entertainment.. WTF I had to go up there and be there when he buys it because of its rating.
As a youth Trash was able to go to the local store and get smokes for the folks and a six pack or two.. The store knew my folks and knew it was ok.. Another fine example of the Obamanation taking control in this country.
This Saturday we are to celebrate Independance Day..
Be smart take some Independence back.. Your country is taking more and more of it away.

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