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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

back to Babylon

The weekend was fantastic. Able to score a new microwave (ours died and we werent gonna buy a new one), a new couch for the lab, and a new (old man ) bike, gonna use it as a spare when dumpie bike breaks down, along with a discarded cast iron dutch oven for the house and an electric one for the BOM.

I Was also able to pick up a package of vegan sausages (yumyum), bunches of greens and citrus and apples from behind the Safie for eats. Also got some overripe corn ears that went beautifuly for the bird feeders. If you feed Gods creatures, then God will feed you.

Blessings shared.

and how was the Independance Day for you all...
I would love to hear

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sholly said...

We barbequed and ate our own body weight in food, like good Americans.