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Saturday, November 24, 2012

turkey day rehab

AS you can see Mrs T and the kids really outdid themselves this year. And everything was made from scratch. Lots of fresh veggie dishes, carrots turnips and kale side dishes. mashed taters, sweet potato pie and a roasted stuffed pumpkin with veggies, bread crumbs and cream soup. And of course  dads buttermilk biscuits. For dessert it was homemade pumpkin cheescake, bourbon pecan pie and a pumpkin tart. yum yum. So much homemade food and now lots of leftovers.
For Black Friday Mrs T and I began the removal of Turkey day stuff and began to make the Xmas transition.. The only thing I went to the store for was smokes and some scouring pads and of course the cheetos.
As for the scraps and such I took them all out to the compost bin and placed them in there along with stirring in a few shovels of dirt and stirred.  I also scavenged  the seeds from the 2 pumpkins we used and begun the process of drying them forn next springs planting. Waste not want now.
We also took care of our animal friends by making plates for the coons, the birds ant the squirrels.   Happy Happy Happy..

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