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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

almost turkey day

One more day until the gluttony begins.
The assemblage of culinary delights are in place for manana. Yet my little scavenger in training was so proud of himself yesterday as he came home from a school gathering with an almost complete spiral cut ham and veggie tray that was left over from his schools holiday gathering. Waste not want not.
I made a bowl of ham and veggies and some leftover homemade green chili  for supper, the chili a gift from a coworker who knows how ol Trash loves chili and brought me a 1 quart sampler. yumyum.
Now the kids are off for a few days and after today I will be also.
On a serious side how many of y'all keep working on your soil and preps during the winter months. Compost making and soil amending are an important prep and should not be ignored. Potato peels, coffee grinds, veggie cuttings, stale bread all can add to the compost bin. And in the next day or so i bet at least a coffee can ful will appear at your home and can be added quite easily.
ON the garden front I still have collard green plants, chives and green onions growing outside that I am still able to use. Begun as an experiment last MAy/ June with the green onion bulbs being transplanted from scrap I have not had to buy green onions all summer and am still enjoying them .

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