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Sunday, March 4, 2012

times gettin close

this old aloe i got last year for a buck at the wallie world. It was real small and sickly. re-potted it and left it outside all summer. Brogught it in the house for the winter and plopped it near that window and I just water it and give it some leftover coffee now and then. It appears to like it.
the green onions i planted this morning are from some old organic green onions that were gonna get tossed in the compost bin. This is an experiment from something I saw in a you tube video. waist not want not. If I can supplement by recycling/ replanting i will. we shall see.

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Deb said...

You can also plant the root ends of celery after a few days soak in water to get the roots growing again. More stalks will shoot up.