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Saturday, March 24, 2012


After spending an hour or two this morning on FB catching up on my friends I decided to endure the knee pain and work a tad in the yard. Raked up some leaves and crap and began the tedious jobs of gettin the beds ready. After about a half hour the knee hurt too bad so I am taking a break. Dam old age. The Hollyhocks are also now showing thru the ground as are some of the other seed plants from last year . Spring is coming early at the stead. Kind of scary thinkin its not even the end of March yet.
I will have to take some pics later today or tomorrow as a starting point so y'all can see the progress.
I need to begin the process of nutrifying the soil with some organic manure and compost to prepp the beds and get some organic potting soils for the pots. Maybe a bag or tow this weekend and then more each weekend from now on. The only way to grow prosperous its to fill the beds with nourishment. Soil is your friend.
Happy Saturday.
BTW here is the progress on the green onion experiment.. Guess it works

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