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Sunday, May 22, 2011

the rapture didnt begin

Since I am able to write this on Sunday evening apparently the world aint ending just yet.. Alas. Plenty of time to plant more food and gather more essentials for the real Exodus. The Trash Exodus from society.
While I am not able to leave the 'stead I can hanker down and make the stead its own ecosystem. Grow more,gather more and consume less. Is not hat what it is all about. FREEDOM..
As I said yesterday I walked over to the yard salesand picked up some books, a new Babylon commute coffee mug and a mini-food procesor. I also had an organic juice and baquette from the day old rack at the Safie. While reading. Behind the Safie was a few really nice strawberries on the dumpie which added some wonderful sweetness to my buds while heading back to the stead. I also picked up some thermal pants for me and Mrs T that someone had discarded. Warm pants are always an essential at the 'stead..
A great resource is also the sale racks at the Lowes garden shop.. I have been able to pick up flowers and herbas for less that $1-2 each.. As they amrk them down when they aint pretty anymore. Herbs are wonderful things.
Last eveing Mrs T wanted some chocolate fudge cake from the bakery so I went over and got her one. The lady at the deli had just marked the all-natural Roasted chickens down to $1 each. SO I grabbed a couple.. Normally they are $6 each. Guess the yuppies aint buying them so frequently.. To me they eat the same.. Just less work..
Anyhow hope y'all had a good wekend and since the rapture didnt begin I guess we gotta go back to Babylon tomorrow.. Alas.

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