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Sunday, October 21, 2012

SUnday morning rant

Had a relaxed SAturday evening. While the Mrs sewed I watched some TLC shows online. Extreme Cheapskates and Extreme Couponing. DO we do anything in moderation anymore. cmon.. buying 100 bottles of aspirin, 54 bottles of Laundry soap, 60 bags of croutons etc  while the daughter has 300 bottles of her favorite soda in the closet. My god. ON the other end this woman hasnt done laundry in 3 years. Washes clothes and stuff in the shower. Another guy reuses paper towels and buys double ply tp so he can make 2 rolls out of one.. Oy yeah and 200 boxes of cereal is real yumyum food. WHat has become of moderation?
I understand the art of and logicality of frugality and dumpster diving but excess is excess. Growing your own and buying in bulk has always been a mainstay at the 'stead but these people are carrying it a bit too far. Even Trash has limits.

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Anonymous said...

You echo my thoughts on this exactly. A fanatic is a fanatic and it doesn't much matter what he is fanatical about.