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Sunday, July 15, 2012

weekend update

Another long week in Babylon. Plus a few challenges around the homestead. Last week I replaced the water line to the swamp cooler with a brand new line. And all was well. Thursday I came home ad found a leak in the hose with what appeared to be either bird or squirrel bites. An easy fix. This morning I went out to take the trash and a crap load of water was gushing thru. I went outside and notices quite a few gushers coming thru. While I could have repaired them with extra line I went over to my local Lowes and realized from conferring with the clerk there that even with a new line the issues would persist given the birds or squirrels. SO I broke down and refitted the line with solid copper tubing. Was only a cuppla bucks more than the plastic but its harder to bite thru. WE shall see. I guess that along with food I ought to leave more water dishes out and about for our animal friends.

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Anonymous said...

I realize as a gardener squirrels and birds are not your favorite wildlife but they are thirsty! A dish full of water will prevent their chewing through your plumbing.The plants aren't the only things dry this summer. the rat