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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend update ( a tad late)

After the trip to the market on Saturday, the son and I went to the Farmers Market on Sunday in search of the black seeded watermelon. Inevitably the results were the same. None to be had. Apparently the GMO has taken over the watermelon biz and no one has noticed as of yet, except me. Everyone I mention this too seems rather surprised by this news. Anyhow we picked up some organic cherries, apricots and purple plums. ON the way back we also picked up some fresh off the tree plums from an empty lot. yumyum. Mrs T and daughter went off to Wallie in the early eve for some orthopedic sandals and other goodies. And then we sat down to a nice chicken spinach alfredo pasta dinner. My oh my the long weekend comes to an end.

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Deb said...

If you need the watermelon seeds, I have plenty.