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Thursday, January 12, 2012

mid-week blahs and ahs

First full week back in Babylon. Hectic.
Garden stuff starting to make its way to the shelves in the Wallie and the Lowies.. Catalog drooling is becoming a habit.. HAve been catching up on watching the new shows I found over the recess. Portlandia and Big Bang Theory.. good stuff.
Along with CES in Vegas we also have the Detroit auto show and its propensity to show "green cars".. What a f'n oxymoron.. Cars are NOT GREEN.
Bicycles and walking are the mode of transport for the REAL GREENs.
Not a 40k green car that will become useless for most when the grid goes down.. Now cars and trucks may be a necessity for most but alternatives can be found. Beater cars are fairly inexpensive to buy and are also a good training ground for the driveway mechanic. Cars with a carburetor are even easier to maintain. The less technology in the vehicle the easier it is to work on.


Anonymous said...

I never thought I would say this but if you have to have a car by one with points and plugs and a carb. Get yourself a timing light and a manual and there you go.

I confess I bought a brand new car in 2004 and raised the hood to look at the engine, I slowly closed the hood and haven't opened it since. the car goes to the car doctor for checkups every 5k and I just get out the card when they are done. I miss gapping points!

the rat

Anonymous said...

meant to say BUY one. also thought of something else, I don't want to DWELL on it. Get it. DWELL on it.

ha ha the rat