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Thursday, April 28, 2011

green living

More and more I see stories being written for the yuppies to live green. Eco-friendly designers, etc. Bullshit. We get our clothes from the dumpies. Most of my tshirts have been free shwag from a certain computer company whose fruit symbol is everywhere. Our shoes come from garage sales or free boxes and occasionally from the Wallie World markdown trays. Even our jackets and winter coats are found.. Truly living off the excesses of others.
Food and shelter can be acquired cheap or free. I have done many posts on foraging and growing your own as well as backdoor shopping (freeganism). Shelter for most of us with families must be paid for. However suitable shelter can be had for low cost. MObile homes are wonderful alternatives. Low cost and low footprint.
Electric cars and electric transport are another fabrication. Walking or riding a bicycle will suffice. For travel public transport is essential.Besides if the grid does go down your electric vehicle better be big enough to live in. Cause it aint goin anywhere without power.
There is so much waste in this country. Green living requires only initiative and creativity to succeed. Do your part and don't buy into the hype that is sold to you.

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Muddome said...

The whole green consumer market is a scam by the corporations. Buy this, buy that to help save the planet. Horseshit! How 'bout don't buy anything at all? People don't even need all the green crap the corporations are selling anyway. It's just a brilliant corporate propaganda play. And then there are those who figure if they just wear a hemp bracelet and turn their lights off for an hour, everything will work out fine. These same folks are fine with chemically treating water to a potable level, then crapping in it and having it 'magically' disappear' where it goes to be be chemically treated again before poisoning the rest of our water. But ask them to even think about using the humanure system where they can contribute to positive soil growth instead and they think I'm the crazy one.
Honestly, I think the current green movement is doing more damage to the environment than no movement at all. It's allowing people to falsely believe things are improving. You can't convince me that a $5 dollar light bulb full of mercury, made in China, then shipped halfway around the planet is going to make the world a better place. I could go on an on, but I'm getting too worked up. I'm going for a smoke.