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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday rantings (what did you do to prep this week)

I had to turn the water back on to the swamper yesterday as it was almost 80-85 in the afternoon. Without a cloud in the sky it was HOT. While scavenging we found about 2-3 pounds of potatos and onions and some assorted greens for the birds.
I also dug up some Yarrow from a neighbor lady who hated it in her yard . So now it will find a new home on the stead.
2 weeks ago I also got a milk crate full of unwanted Iris from the same lady. They also need to be transplanted in Gods little garden .

Anyhow the cold front last week seems to have slowed the zuchs and cukes down so we may have to dig them up soon and compost them. The sunflowers are pretty dry and gone. But the mums are doing well and I am getting lettuce coming in from the second planting. Yippee/

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