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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

cold and rainy but now its 50

Parts of town saw the 1st snos yesterday.. Not us we saw rain and small hail. Since the weather was due to get into the high 30s I figured that I would shut the water to the swamper off just in case. As a precaution.. Good thing because as I turned the water off I noticed some gathered water around the bottom of the water heater.. Further examination showed a drip coming from one of the connectors on the cold water flow..
ie causing a trip over to Lowies to get a replacement.
it is getting to be that time of year whereby Trash needs to stock up on the essentials for prepping in the toolbox closet.
Anyhow Mrs Trash made a delicious dinner of chicken breast slices, rice and stir fry veggies (zuchs).. yumyum.. Gods garden is providing.. yumyum.

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ThrtnWmsFam said...

This weather here in the Denver area is so weird, right? As I type this, there's heavy snow coming down in the mountains, and thick rain covering the metro Denver area.

I kissed my veggie plants bye bye a few days ago. Glad we've started our indoor Winter garden!

Vikki at