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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

back to Gardening

Its been awhile and the beds are getting overgrown with fruit and weeds. So I spent Sunday cleaning out the beds and harvesting some of the cukes and zuchs. Alot more remain. And bpy are they tasty. Had some for lunch yesterday. I also cleaned up the spinach spikes that had died back to seed and after adding some fertilizer and fish guts planted a fall sowing of spinach from the fresh seed. The joy of organic non treated seed.
I also did some research and am pulling the seed pods from the over grown hollyhocks in order to set some in a new area in the fall. I also harvested some dried pole bean pods and sunflower pods and am saving the seed for next season. Lots of work. But its a joy.
My early spring experiment in moving wild flower varieties from the natural area a few blocks away and creating a micro-community plots in my yard is working . The plants reestablished themselves quite nicely and have propagated and seeded themselves . Hopefully with some mulching and care they will will survive the winter and repopulate in the spring. We shall see.

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