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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Projects

During this summer I have experienced both successes and failures in the garden. SOme of them are due to the excessive heat we experienced. Others are just fails in the experimentation that I do here.
After 3 years of useage in the zuchini beds it is time to give them a rest this year. I should have done this earlier as the zuchs did not due anything out there. NO matter what I tried.
However I did have some successes. The tomatos and beans are doing very well.  And I have found a new use for an old 30 gallon black plastic garbage can. It has become my new compost bin. With holes for aeration and the lid it cooks compost real nice. Just this summer alone I have cooked about 1/2 a barrel worth. I will bag it up for next years useage or some late fall stuff I want to try.  

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