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Sunday, August 5, 2012

the outdoor office

After reading an article in Treehugger this morning about the office being in your pants I realized that he is so yesterday. I have been working from wherever i want for years now.
In the old days we were tied to our desktop and ethernet cable. Laptops were a luxury item and wireless was not even a thought. Now laptops are becoming the desktop and tablets and smartphones are the portable devices of choice. As their reliability and capabilities improve more and more of us will be joining their ranks.
One of the issues I see is power. If and when the grid goes down as it recently did in India a new source of power generation will be be needed as will a new communication standard need to be developed. Inbred solar chargers will need to be developed for these devices as a standard option and not just a third part aftersell.
3g 4g and wireless hotpsots etc are wonderful when the comm grid is reliable but what happens when that goes down. How will communication exist. What can be done? Satellites too are unreliable in the face of meltdown. Have you given any thoughts to it ?

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